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Wow, this is a high value coupon!  The meat coupons have just been rolling our recently!  Go here to print a coupon for $1.50/1 Hormel Canadian Bacon, any variety.  (Use 44524 if necessary)

If you are wondering which Hormel products are gluten free, this one is listed as being GF, and you can find a complete list of their GF products here.

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You can print a coupon here for $1/1 Kettle Brand Potato Chips 4 ounce or larger.  (Use 90210 if necessary.) This is a really good value coupon for this product.  Print while it’s available!

And if you were wondering, which of course I was, here is what Kettle Brand has to say about its gluten free status:

“All Kettle Brand® Potato Chips (including our Kettle Brand® Baked, Organic, and Krinkle Cut™ Potato Chips) are gluten free and processed in a gluten free environment. Our other products (Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips, and Kettle Brand® Roaster Fresh® Nut Butters) are made in a facility separate from our potato chips, and are processed on equipment shared with ingredients that contain very small amounts of wheat. The gluten is in our Multi Grain Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chip flavor and a few of our Kettle Brand® Roaster Fresh® Trail Mixes. We thoroughly clean our lines after each flavor run, but there is a slight potential of cross contamination among tortilla chips and nut products. For your convenience we do list all ingredients on the packaging.”

That should clear up any questions.  Kudos to Kettle for being so clear in their explanation!

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Yay, another coupon for Hillshire Farm lunch meat or smoked sausage!  Go to their Facebook page and watch a short video to get a $0.55/1 coupon for one of the above.  (If you want to share it with 3 friends they will give you a $1/1 coupon.)

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There are new coupons here, here, and here for $0.75/1 Chex (which are, of course, gluten free except for the Wheat Chex and Multi-Bran Chex).  You can print 2 from each site.  Get printing, then wait for a sale!  These are VERY high value coupons, which will double to $1 at many grocery stores.


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My family LOVES Ovaltine (or at least did, before the onset of gluten free life).  However, in my inbox this morning, appears a beautiful, high value, $1.50 off ANY ONE OVALTINE PRODUCT coupon.  So, after ignoring the existence of Ovaltine for the last 3 years, of course I had to do some investigation, because I cannot pass up a coupon that will practically make an item free on sale.

This is what I found:

Nestle has bought the rights to Ovaltine in the last few years.  I contacted Nestle and asked.  Of course the Chocolate Malt and Classic Malt flavors are absolutely not GF.  But the Rich Chocolate I wasn’t so sure about. The ingredients all look pretty benign.  The answer I got was that it does not in itself contain gluten, but is processed on the same equipment as the other flavors, and therefore carries the disclaimer of possibly containing wheat.

So, I leave it to you if you want to try it.  Has anyone tried this and gotten sick, or tried it and had no problems? I would love to hear some feedback.  Meanwhile, I have to decide whether I want to try to use my coupon.  If you would like one of your own, head over to the Nestle Family page and sign up to receive emails.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and get the same one!

OR, you can go here to print a $1/1 coupon.  You will need to sign up here as well.


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For those new to celiac disease and the GF diet, here are some links to safe and unsafe food lists (gluten-containing versus gluten-free).  I find this website to be very helpful overall.

Go here for a list of safe (gluten free) foods.

Go here for a list of unsafe foods (foods that contain gluten).


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