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My Blog, glutenfreelyfrugal!

Hi everyone, I am so glad you stopped by.  I am hopeful that this blog will be helpful to those who are struggling to afford “gluten free” on a strict budget, or just inspire you to save a buck where you can.  I cannot promise that every post on this site will be about saving money, or that everything will be about GF food.  Sometimes my posts may seem completely random.  I am inviting you to share in our family’s journey, so you may just have to come along for the ride sometimes.

My idea for this blog was born when so many friends, or friends of friends, have come to me asking for advice on the GF diet.  I remember how terribly overwhelming it was with my daughter’s diagnosis, and I want to help everyone!  But sometimes it is hard to help each person individually to get started, especially when finances are an issue.  GF food, in case you haven’t noticed, is quite expensive!

And over the last year, I have also developed a love affair with coupons and savings.  Last August, we were $27,000 in debt.  Today, we have cut that amount to almost half, mainly through using coupons and watching for sales.  I have learned to feed my family on $40 a week (yes, my GF family!), and you can cut your spending down too!  I want to share what I have learned with you!

So, why not put everything in one place?  Keep my recipes organized here, my thoughts, my deals, my favorite coupons?

It is important to note, this is not primarily a coupon blog, although some days it will seem like it, because saving money gets me so excited.  However, there are plenty of other GREAT coupon blogs out there, and my goal is not to take their place.  I want to channel that good saving energy into the GF world.  So, sometimes I might direct you elsewhere for some of the great grocery/drugstore savings, because why “reinvent the wheel”?

I have several things I am passionate about:

1) God.  He is the inspiration behind every idea I have, every desire, every hope.

2) My Family.  If my blog is taking up too much time, I may have to step back and prioritize my family.  I will be honest with you.  Which brings me to….

3) Honesty.  I love to use coupons, but I refuse to lie, cheat, or break the rules, and I will not allow anyone to do the same on my site.  There are plenty of wonderful deals to be had utilizing legitimate means.  I believe that no matter how much I save through cheating, that course of action will not be blessed in the long run.  If you feel I have posted something in error, or encouraged dishonesty in any way, I want to hear about it (privately and tactfully through my email of course).

4) Community.  We are all here to help each other.  Let’s not bash or name-call or nit-pick about things.  If I find an unkind or rude comment, it will be deleted.  We are here to encourage, not put down.  I always try not to say something on screen that I would not say if I was talking to someone in person.

All that being said, enjoy browsing, and feel free to post questions or comments!

-Janelle (glutenfreelyfrugal)

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