02 Aug

I thought everyone might like to know what we thought of those Schar pizza crusts that I picked up for $0.75! (See post here.)  I usually make my own pizza recipe, an adaptation of my mom’s when I was growing up, which I modified to make GF.  But that requires mixing, rolling out, and rising.  These pizza crusts were SO easy.  I just pulled them out of the plastic, put them on a tray, put some plain tomato sauce, oregano, and cheese on top, and stuck them in the oven.  I honestly cannot remember the last time a gluten free meal was that easy.

Here they are, $0.75 worth of beautiful, easy GF crusts, getting ready to go in the oven.

I was a bit nervous at first.  They seemed VERY dense and thick.  However, the crusts have nice little holes drilled into them, which I think makes them cook lighter and more evenly.  They ended up very good.  The taste is excellent.  You almost cannot tell them are GF.  The texture does give it away.

Overall, it was an awesome break for me and so very easy to whip up, but my family still likes my pizza recipe better.

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